American Colony Hotel


American Colony Hotel

As the in-house architects for the internationally renowned American Colony Hotel for over 20 years, our office has worked with ownership and management to help the hotel grow into a leader of the hotel industry in Israel.

The hotel, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, is comprised of a campus of buildings knitted together by gardens and pathways.  Each building has its own history and style, and each one has required unique and innovative solutions to ensure that this historical landmark can continue to evolve into the 21st century and beyond.

The Old Wing:

This original structure has undergone various alterations since it was built in the 18__’s.  Here one can find the iconic main entrance and internal courtyard restaurant.

Throughout the process of designing the hotel rooms, many design and infrastructure challenges were overcome resulting in a sophisticated old world atmosphere with modern amenities and comfort.

As part of the intervention, the building functions were “turned around” and rooms were given new balconies that overlook the pool area, which itself has been dramatically improved over its original iteration.

The New Wing:

Built by the Jordanians, the New Wing presented a design challenge that was solved by weaving the building together with the narrative of the hotel.  Each level is themed in a manner that is reflected in the materials and details, bringing the story of the American Colony and its guests to life.

The East House & Cottage:

The dramatic addition on the East House challenged the concept of preservation by cantilevering the escape stairs away from the existing building, which in turn allowed the possibility to add more rooms to the new additional level.

Concurrent with the East House addition, a piazza was built in front of the Cottage shops.  As part of the process, an existing water cistern was uncovered, where a grey-water system was ultimately located, placing the new water technology in the traditional one.

The Palm House:

The impressive structure once faced away from the existing campus until the entrance was “re-directed” to knit it back into the rest of the hotel.

It most recently underwent a full renovation with fully articulated painted ceilings, new furniture, and an innovative lighting solution.

The Cow Byre:

The re-design of the Cow Byre returned the building to its agricultural roots, while creating a new and highly flexible layout of interconnected hotel rooms.

The Master Plan:

All the work completed at the hotel has been conceived in the framework of a master plan, which has undergone changes in the years of its development.  TO BE COMPLETED